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All the Jagged Edges

When the language of love is foreign to a family, how do they relate to each other and how does mental illness make creating connections even more difficult? This theme is explored in this eight-person, single-set drama.

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Production History

2020:     Riverside Community Players (staged reading)/Patrick Brien, Director     

2019:     First public reading

Cast of Characters

Lane Jackson

a middle-aged woman with multiple mental health issues                  

Marian Rafter         

a recently divorced earth-mother type      
Lexi Rafter  

Marian’s daughter, small for her age, sharper than most adults, fragile at times and too forward at others


a near-end-of-career county worker

Cathy /Carl

a neighbor from hell   

One who does the right thing only because it’s required 


One who does the right thing only because it’s the right thing to do
Rusty Jackson 

Lane’s brother, so obsessed with his sister’s issues that he doesn’t always recognize his own       

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