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9/1/17:     Five-Door Farce opens at Orinda Starlight Village Players in Orinda, CA

3/20/16:     The Chino Community Theatre premier of Five-Door Farce earns 10 Inland Theatre League awards: Cindi East for director, Hedley Duncan as The Butler, Jamie Pezold as The Wife, Jeffery Wymer as The Husband, Jessie Larson as The Ingenue, Paige Polcene as The Lady, and Patricia McQjuillan as The Cook.


3/5/16:      Aria's will open a 10-performance run starting July 22, 2016, at Orinda Starlight Village Players in Orinda, CA.


8/31/15:     As of this date, Aria's and Five-Door Farce are being read in 14 states by play reading committees and/or community theater boards.

11/18/14:    Chino Community Theatre is all about relationships in 2015 / Daily Bulletin  


6/1/14:     Aria's receives seven Inland Theatre League Awards: Chris Diehl for directing, Deborah McFatter as Rose, Kerry Jones as Jake and for set design, Lisa Shannon as Marie, Mark Sanfilippo as Bill, and Scott Morrill as Karl.



The Cook (Patricia McQuillan), The Lady (Paige Polcene), The Wife (Jamie Pezold), The Visitor (David S. Roque), Partner One (Eric Dunn) and Partner Two (Tyler Goldfinch) pray as The Husband (Jeffery Wymer) observes perplexedly in Chino Community Theatre's premiere production. Image from video shot by

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