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Poster design by Bruce Hutchins for the Chino Community Theatre premiere

The Ingenue (Jessie McLean) listens as The Wife (Jamie Pezold) gets a husband-keeping lessson from The Cook (Patricia McQuillan) in Chino Community Theatre's premiere production.

Five-Door Farce

To tell you part of the plot of Five-Door Farce would mislead you. To tell you more than that would reveal too much.  When pressed about the play, I've said the following: It's a tragedy inside a parody of a farce.  It's the collision of Noises Off and Six Characters in Search of Author.  It's a farce, seriously.  Exploring the themes of creation and Creation, gender roles, identity, religion, theater, determinism, and existentialism, it plays with the conventions of farce in a way that fans of farce will love and enemies of farce will appreciate.  Oh, and it’s funny. It has two acts with three scenes each, though the scenes can be played continuously.  It runs 2 hours and has a single set.  The cast has 5M and 5W, and the roles of The Doctor and The Nurse may be male or female.  The roles of The Doctor and The Nurse can be doubled with any of the other characters except for The Butler, The Husband, and The Ingénue. 

Cast of Characters

(In order of appearance, not to say attractiveness.)


The Wife/1950s       

If Harriet Nelson and Barbara Billingsly had a baby….         
The Visitor/1930s    

A young British man getting his start in life      
The Butler/1930s   

The very model of that British sort of man      
The Lady/1930s       

A well-upholstered British woman of a certain age and class      
The Cook/1930s        

An incurious British woman with simple tastes       
Partner One/2010    

A man of some age and income, the type found in American urban-chic areas    
Partner Two/2010     

A man of a lesser age and income, the type found in American urban-chic areas  
The Husband/1950s 

If Ozzie Nelson and Hugh Beaumont had a baby….
The Ingénue/1890s  

A Belle Époque innocent
The Mother/2010     

A singular indictment of the American educational industry     
The Doctor/2013       

A textbook case

The Nurse/2013       

A case of arrested literacy       

Production History

2017:     Orinda Starlight Village Players (full production)/Jill Gelster, Director

2015:     Chino Community Theatre (full production, season opener)/Cindi East, Director


Laughter, confusion mark Starlight’s final show

East Bay Times

Five-Door Farce final play of the season for Starlight Players

Lamorinda Weekly

Complex farce may puzzle but is certain to entertain

Chino Champion, January 17, 2015


As the others read about themselves, The Husband (Jeffry Wymer) ponders his situation.


Click on the headline above to watch a clip from Act One of Five-Door Farce from the Chino Community Theatres' 2015 premiere.

Audience Comments
Chino Community Theatre Production:
Everything you want theater to be: theatrical, funny, thought-provoking!
Saw it two weeks ago with friends and still talking about it.
Wow! Thank you!  That was like a cool episode of The Twilight Zone!
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